About Us

Lan Mark is a fast-growing home appliances franchise that provides multi-brand, multi-product services in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu under the brand name of White Mart. With its corporate office in Kochi and more than 250 outlets in South India, 70 in Tamil Nadu alone, Lan Mark is synonymous for affordable, high quality home appliances from all major brands, available through each of its outlets. Since it’s inception in 2005, Lan Mark’s mission has been un parallel in providing a quality shopping experience in every neighborhood, serving customers even in second and third-tier cities and towns.

Unlike traditional distributors, Lan Mark focuses on secondary sales at dealer points and knows the pulse of the market as its processes are highly technology-driven. This helps the company gain instant feedback on market trends, with the support of real-time data from its own exhaustive dealer network.

Lan Mark operates a cash and carry model that largely eliminates the risk of payment defaults by its dealers and helps it negotiate competitive prices with suppliers who are assured of prompt payment at the point of purchase. Through buying in bulk, Lan Mark eliminates middlemen and is able to pass on the benefits of scale in pricing and after-sales service to its dealers and customers.

As authorized dealers for all major brands sold in the country, Lan Mark provides customers the option to compare and view products online or at its showrooms before a buying decision is made. For customers who prefer to touch and feel before they buy, Lan Mark seeks to provide a professional shopping experience in every neighborhood without making it too expensive or beyond the reach of the average shopper. This is borne out of the company’s philosophy that shopping can be engaging, satisfying and affordable, despite our coming to your locality and offering you ample choice, just like you would find in a big city.

For customers shopping online, Lan Mark offers the widest choice and the latest products, best-in-industry prices, an established distribution network and reliable after-sales support and service. Lan Mark does not directly sell to customers but processes orders through its wide-spread dealer network. This ensures prompt delivery and a point of contact if the customer needs subsequent service or assistance with the purchase. With over 250 shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Lan Mark allows the customer to choose the product from his preferred outlet, often in his own locality.

Lan Mark offers a well-recognized and successful brand and logo, ample technical know-how and onsite assistance to set up shops and extensive advertising and marketing support to run the business. Franchisees only need to have suitable showroom space in a good location, sufficient working capital and the passion to succeed. With excellent growth opportunities available in consumer electronics retailing, Lan Mark assists potential entrepreneurs at every stage of setting up and running their shops. It also helps them achieve the lowest operating costs by ensuring the most efficient rotation of capital.

For existing retailers who find the going tough amid shrinking margins and the growing clout of organized retail, Lan Mark offers a new option where they can remain independent and yet enjoy the benefits of being part of modern retail.