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Why White Mart

If you are a customer shopping online


You get a wide choice of the latest products.
You get best-in-industry prices.
You get an established network in Kerala and Tamil Nadu to deliver your product on time.
You get reliable after-sales support and service.


Advantages to Customers


White Mart does not directly sell to customers but processes orders through its wide-spread dealer network.  This ensures prompt delivery and a point of contact if the customer needs subsequent service or assistance with the purchase. With more than 220 shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, White Mart allows the customer to choose the product from his preferred outlet, often in his own locality.

As authorized dealers for all major brands sold in the country, White Mart provides customers the option to compare and contrast products online or at our showrooms before a buying decision is made.

Through buying in bulk, we eliminate middlemen and are able to pass on the benefits of scale in both pricing and after-sales service. 

If you are a home appliances retailer or want to become one


We invite you to join the White Mart network.
You get a successful business name and logo.
You get technical advice and assistance to set up shops. 
You get extensive advertising and marketing support.

All you need to have is suitable showroom space in a good location.
Sufficient funds to maintain required stocks and display.
And the passion to succeed in whatever you do.

There are excellent growth opportunities in consumer electronics retailing.
We can assist you at every stage of setting up and running your shop.
We can help you achieve the lowest operating costs and
We can ensure the most efficient rotation for your capital.


Advantages to franchisees



White Mart’s focus on the four P’s of retailing helps franchisees focus fully on secondary sales:
1. Product – More than 60 brands
2. Price – Best-in-class dealer pricing
3. Promotion – Print and electronic media ads, in-shop promotions, outdoor activities
4. Professionalism – Training, knowledge-management, advisory support and an eye for detail that our competition can’t match

Experience the White Mart advantage!


Stand-alone dealer
White Mart dealer
Limited brand All major brands
High inventory & dead stock Low, just-in-time inventory
Average pricing Consistently competitive pricing
5 to 7 times rotation of capital 15 to 17 times rotation of capital
Limited advertising and promotion Maximum advertising and promotion
Infrequent supply due to low volumes Regular supply despite limited volume
Little or no staff training Regular staff training
Around 40 SKU’s – Limited range Around 250 SKU’s- Wide range


If you are an NRI preparing to come back and find gainful engagement back home


We encourage you check out the options we have for you.  Many ex-NRIs are running successful businesses in Kerala today, in association with White Mart. Our executives will be happy to get in touch with you or put you in touch with NRIs who have associated with us and have never looked back.


If you are a leading brand or manufacturer


We invite you to use the White Mart network to test-market your products and reach your customers in the most effective way, through a single point of contact.

We have extensive experience in launching new products and driving product sales through a systematic, target-oriented approach. Frequent White Mart dealer meetings in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been preferred occasions for new product launches by leading home appliance manufacturers in the country. 

Major brands also choose our dealer meetings and network for product training and promotions.

To schedule a product launch or training session, please contact our sales and marketing team at +91 9895720304.

Advantages to suppliers


We focus on secondary sales and know the pulse of the market which helps us fly with segment leaders in each category.  More importantly, we are able to work with you in making your products category leaders.

We complement your reach in the market by operating our own dedicated warehouses and distribution network. Through a strict cash-and-carry model, we ensure you get your payments on time, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

More than 60 satisfied suppliers is proof of our ability to serve the needs of the supplier, the franchisee and the end customer in a consistent manner.


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